Access Control System

$1,540 fully installed and incl GST

  • Micron access control keypad with code entry or swipe fob entry
  • Comes with:
  • 12 volt Power Supply and electric door strike with door release
  • 4 swipe FOBS
  • Additional swipe FOBS incur extra costs

Steps to Take in Installing an Access Control System

If you want to install the system by yourself, you may do so. Usually, the process is based upon the previously assessed and planned methodology. Here’s how to properly install an access control system:

  • Unbox and gather the necessary access control system equipment and accessories.
  • Set up pathways, ducts, closets and terminals of cabling.
  • Arrange the cables or put the wireless routers at the designated points.
  • Build in door locks and door readers.
  • Establish sensors at the projected points.
  • Install the primary controller at the main point and connect through wires.
  • Connect and link the power cables.
  • Entrust the installation to the configuration engineer once physical power on testing is done.

Access Control Systems Sydney

Controlling who can access your premises is important in making sure that your place is safe and secured. That’s why installing access control systems in your place is the right choice and you might consider intercom systems for homes.

Now, you’ve probably explored the benefits and applications of access control systems in your office or facility. Before going all in one, you should look for a service provider who can carry out your specialised needs and requirements. But with so many installers today, you’ll find it difficult to choose one. However, home intercom systems Australia is highly recommended.

At Atomic Electrical Security and Fire, we design our access control system installation service to fully meet your operational requirements. We can even walk you through intercom repairs Sydney and the process on how to install access control system in Sydney.

How an Access Control System Makes Your Lives Easier

Improving the security measures of your property leads to an increased feeling of safety among the occupants. With home intercom systems Australia, you can rest easy knowing all the dwellers including your belongings are out of any harm’s way. One great way to increase your safety is by installing an access control system. No matter what type of system you choose, it will provide you with the extra security that you need. Thus, intercom systems for homes are sought after nowadays.

1. Install the System with Ease

Implementing an access control system in your facility is a seamless process. With a system that leverages your demographic data, assigning access to specific areas of your building is easy and automatic. You may input data manually and customise authorised access exactly the way you want.

2. Deter Burglars and Criminals at Access Points

Most thieves and wrongdoers search for ways with little risk and high reward. Installing an effective access control system can help minimise the possibility of an easy entry and reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Access control lets you secure various access points in your building, including primary entry and exit points, access ramps, and more.

3. Cut Down Costs

Access control systems are not only beneficial for remote entry but can also be integrated with your building’s overall management. You can program the system to turn off lights, turn down the heat, and manage other cost-saving factors. In such ways, you’ll be able to save on energy, even if the last person out forgets to turn the lights off.

At Atomic Electrical Security and Fire, we offer a wide selection of access control systems to help you find the one that suits your needs.

Hiring the Right Access Control System Installation Service Provider

Monitoring all your sites all day and all night long is important for your safety and security. However, you can’t be everywhere at once, which is why you need a centralised access control system to keep track and look after your sites and environments.

Atomic Electrical Security and Fire offers access control solutions with the technology that works for you. We use best-of-breed access control technologies to make sure that you and your property is safe and secure. With high quality systems, expect a high-level performance and continuous innovation at different paces than any of you have seen before.

Our dedicated security staff has extensive knowledge and experience in the access control industry, designing, installing, and maintaining. If you want to minimise the burden of managing your access control system, hire the best access control systems installation service provider Sydney has to offer! Contact us today and let know how we can help you.