Every excellent business owners prioritise the safety of their customers and employees. That’s why it’s extremely important to conduct regular testing and tagging of your electrical equipment and appliances.

Whenever you need expert professionals, get in touch with Atomic Electrical Security and Fire. Our dedicated team of licensed electricians in Sydney ensures to remain compliant with the standards set by AS/NZS 3760.

Our Test and tag Electricians will do a walk through and visually inspect all cables and appliances. We will then test the cable or appliance with our testing machine and then tag it with a pass or fail result set by AS/NZS 3760.

Once the job is complete we will later send a Report sheet listing all equipment tested and its results.

Here’s a list to give you an estimated overview of the costs:

0 – 25 tags $125 Flat rate
26 – 99 tags $5 Per tag
100 – 249 tags $4.50 per tag
250 – 499 tags $4 per tag
500 tags and above $3.50 per tag
RCD testing $7.50 per RCD
10 and 15 amp plug replacements $30 each
(All prices ex GST)

Type of environment and/or equipment Interval between inspections and tests
Equipment including class I equipment, class II equipment, cord sets, cord extensions sets and EPODs Residual current devices (RCDs)
Push button test – by test Operating time and push-button test
(a) (b) Portable (c) Fixed (d) Portable (e) Fixed (f)
1. Factories, workshops, place of manufacture, assembly, maintenance or fabrication Months 6 Daily, or before every use, whichever is the longer Months 6 Months 12 Months 12
2. Environment where the equipment or supply flexible cord is subject to flexing in normal use OR is open to abuse OR is in a hostile environment Months 12 Months 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months 12
3. Environment where the equipment or supply cord is NOT subject to flexing in normal use and is NOT open to abuse and is NOT in a hostile environment Years 5 Months 3 Months 6 Years 2 Years 2
4. Residentials type areas of: hotels, residentials, institutions, motels, boarding houses, halls, hostels accomandation houses and the like Years 2 Months 6 Months 6 Years 2 Years 2
5. Equipments used for commercial cleaning Month 6 Daily or, before every use, whichever is the longer N/A Months 6 N/A
6. Hire equipments: inspections , Test and Tags Prior to hire Including push button test by hirer prior to hire N/A N/A
Months N/A Months N/A
7. Repaired, serviced and second hand euipments After repair or service which could affect electrical safety, or on reintroduction to service, refer to AS/NZS 5762.

Why You Should Pulse Test and Tag Your Equipment

Many people tend to skimp on doing a pulse test and tag procedure on all their equipment and tools since they think it’s just an added hassle. However, proper test and tag in Sydney can help maintain the features and functionalities of all the tools, which guarantees personal and equipment safety.

If you own sensitive electronic devices, like printers, computers, and audio-visual appliances, you need to protect them from any electrical-related problems, like power surges. By testing and tagging your electronic devices, you can significantly prevent accidents and save money from having to buy new ones to replace those that are damaged beyond repair.

Your Most Efficient Electrical Services in Sydney: Making A Real Difference

Atomic Electrical Security and Fire helps businesses in ensuring that we comply with all your electrical safety needs. We don’t only focus on providing test and tagging services but also remain compliant to all the standards.

As your chosen service provider, we are always committed to the best service possible. Whenever you work with us, you will experience the Atomic Electrical Security and Fire difference!

Our team of highly skilled technicians work efficiently and proactively to finish every project in a breeze – we’ll be in and out of your properties without causing any hassle. After the whole process, we will provide you with a comprehensive report and appropriately tag the equipment. This way, you can rest easy knowing that all your equipment and tools adhere to the standards.

Atomic Electrical Security and Fire, Putting Premium on Safety!

We know that you want to remain fully compliant with all the standards, but we also know that you want to focus on the things that matter most for you and your business. That is why we provide premium services on test and tag in Sydney to take the load off your shoulder.

Our electrical services in Sydney will give you optimum peace of mind, so put a premium on safety and get in touch with us today! For pulse test and tag services and other Sydney electrical repairs, look no further than Atomic Electrical Security and Fire.

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